Wednesday 5 September 2012

Shit just got real...

Right. Big real life project coming up in the next few weeks. To keep things ticking over here I've scheduled one of my by now infamous multi-part specials (don't act like that, you love them really), but I'll probably be less than prompt with the smaller posts, comments, and responses. Apologies.

Normal service will be resumed as and when. I've not come this close to the full year to bail out now...

Credit where it's due.


  1. Angry Roo...
    No thank you.
    They kick like a ...well like a Kangaroo.

    Looking forward to the series. Blogging only takes a back seat to.....well...almost everything else in life :)

    1. That gif's fucking terrifying, no? The cold, dead eyes of a killer, that one.

      Don't get you hopes up too much for the series. It's pretty self-indulgent and ranty. But then so's 90% of the rest of the stuff here, and you've stuck with it thus far. Might be right up your street, actually.