Monday 9 September 2013

That's The Way The Money Goes

'Dense and moist' claimed the recipe. The finished item is a bit more than that, though. It wouldn't be stretching things too far to claim the finished cake, as a whole, could be used to repair tractor tyres or as a very effective cosh.

Sliced up though, it's pretty nice. I'd say something about experimenting next time with more baking powder and different oil, but given that treacle in Japan is a good deal more than tuppenny that could be quite a while in coming. All together now...


  1. Some frosting...white as my freshly fallen snow, dripping off the sides of that brown beauty would be hard on goes orgasmic ...alright forget the last part...

    1. Here's the thing - You're actually right about the icing, something lemony would have worked really well here, I think. But thanks to, well, everything after the first two words, I WILL NEVER ICE ANOTHER CAKE AGAIN as long as I live. At least not one I plan on eating myself.

      Some things can't be forgotten, my friend. No they cannot...