Thursday 12 June 2014

Lazy Trailer


In the last week of June my Iain M. Banks reread reaches its undoubted highpoint (it’s all relative) when I get round to Inversions. I’m not excited because of the book itself – well, OK, I am a little bit – but because I have somehow convinced the good people at both Two Dudes in an Attic and the Little Red Reviewer to join a readalong. Why such talented and attractive people would want to slum it with the likes of me is frankly a mystery, but they’ve already agreed and I have the emails to prove it. Suckers.

So if anyone else fancies joining us in this shoddily organized, short-notice, last-minute, ‘let’s do the show right here!’ affair then feel free to grab yourself a copy of the book and join in the fun. You’ll get to read thoughtful, intelligent comment from proper reviewers about a challenging and well-written book, and then come back here for some cock gags. Don’t say I never do anything for you.


  1. WOOOOOOO! This will be scads of fun. Maybe it will take your mind off the World Cup, which could get ugly for both our motherlands.

  2. Two Dudes might be more excited about this than I am! not only do I get to read another Banks, but I get to geek out with my friends while doing it! :D

    hmmm, I guess I better start following World Cup then? Otherwise i won't get any of the jokes in the commentary.

    Inversions will be a nice palate cleanser for my Hugo reading binge.

    1. If football's not your thing, then you won't miss much. It might help explain if either of us are unusually surly or irrationally exuberant however...

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Michael. Thanks for stopping by and glad to have you along for the ride.

      The general plan is to have a halfway discussion after chapter 12, sometime around the middle of *next* week (June 25th-ish). I'll be sticking up a post, and I imagine the others might as well. Then a wrap up discussion at the end of the month.

      There was a suggestion of trying to tackle 'themes' of some sort, but as this is a reread for me I'm a little hesitant to suggest any in case I give the game away. If you spot any that look likely then feel free to suggest away :)