Monday 26 December 2011


My love will laugh with me before the morning comes.


  1. You can eat more of that cake...c'mon!!!!
    Unless that stage of consumption was best for a pic and you actually consumed it all long b4 the pic was posted?

    I might bet on the latter.....wishing it were true ;)

  2. Yeah, there's a bit of a lag. The last of the cake went today.

    Frankly I just wanted a picture of the pudding, but forgot to take any when it was on fire. So what you've got is basically a picture of three different ways to serve raisins.

  3. haha, filed under "tenuous song lyrics"

  4. "a picture of three different ways to serve raisins."

    Hahah, although tasty, there's something very comical about raisins.

    Raisins and cheese! I do like that combo~

  5. F. - Obviously it should be tenuously *linked* song lyrics. But given that line is the only one in the song which isn't suicidally bleak, I think it works as is.

    angry - Very comical indeed. Seasonal, too.