Wednesday 7 March 2012

Death – The Time of Your Life

(February 2012)

A fairly straightforward one, this. No real twists or turns, and it all comes good in the end. An enjoyable if unchallenging little coda to the rest of the Sandman books.

So what to say about it? Not much, Except that Gaiman’s Death is really the only one that’s anywhere near as engaging as Pratchett’s. Sure, she doesn’t have a horse called Binky, a penchant for curry houses, or SPEAK ALL IN CAPITALS, but she’s a cute goth chick with a winningly fatalistic sense of humour. Who doesn’t love cute goth chicks?


  1. All I know about the Sandman series I read in WIRED magazine and it was about the new artist that made amazing renderings. Silver surfer meets art deco. Very cool looking

  2. Cute Goth chicks exist?!

  3. Chris - Some of the art is very nice, though the writing is the main attraction. Gaiman's mainstream prose stuff is very good indeed.

    Will - Yep, though I'll admit the rarity value is part of the attraction.