Wednesday 27 February 2013

Looking for Transwonderland

Travels in Nigeria
Noo Saro-Wiwa, 2012
(February 2013)

Noo Saro-Wiwa has more reasons than most to feel ambivalent about the country of her birth. Given that, in the tradition of expats/exiles/diasporans everywhere she’s also very much from but not of her homeland, this would make for an interesting and conflicted read anyway; the murder of her father obviously contributes to that in a way I’m not wholly sure I can isolate, nor am I convinced it’s worthwhile trying to do so.

Friday 22 February 2013

He's Better Looking Than He Looks

1.    I don’t go to parties, baby

I’m something of an introvert. I realize that a bare few weeks ago I was bludgeoning you (metaphorically speaking) with the throbbing, priapic magnificence of my Brobdingnagian genitalia, so some of you may find that hard to swallow (metaphorically speaking), but it’s true.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

The Boys Vol. 1 and 2

Vol. 1: The Name of the Game, Vol. 2: Get Some
Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, 2007-2008
(January 2013)

This’ll do. This’ll do just fine.

Friday 15 February 2013

The Island of Doctor Moreau

H.G. Wells, 1896
(January 2013)

I could probably compose this post almost entirely from fragments of stuff I’ve already written about other books. Let’s see, what exactly do we have here?

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Monday 11 February 2013

Twitter My Arse

Or: Seriously Guys, You’re Not Helping Yourselves Here

You’ll recognize this photo, I’m sure. If not, if this whole sorry episode has somehow passed you by, then I can only offer my sincere apologies for causing it to intrude upon your previously prelapsarian state of guileless innocence. Still, too late now. May as well join the rest of us proles down here in the gutter.

Friday 8 February 2013


Natsuhiko Kyogoku, 2001 [Anne Ishii, 2010]
(January 2013)

“Computers were viewed strangely for too long,” Shizue said. “Clearly the excessive illusions about computer technology wrought confusion at one point, and society thereafter attempted to adapt a midcourse, and these thoughts overflow in this generation of people who can’t let go of their outmoded ideas.”


Wednesday 6 February 2013

Monday 4 February 2013


Lavie Tidhar, 2011
(January 2013)

Can a something be both tender and hardboiled concurrently? Melancholy Noir? Wistful Pulp? Clearly I think it can, else I wouldn’t be asking the question. Osama is both, all of these and more; but ultimately it’s just singularly brilliant.

Friday 1 February 2013


So another Japanese kid has committed suicide because of issues at school. Like Japanese prime ministerial resignations or American gun massacres, it’s yet another of those events that seem to roll around so regularly that, while on an intellectual level you know you should care to some degree, in actuality it’s hard to summon up more than a metaphorical shrug of the shoulders. Even a real shrug feels like too much effort.