Wednesday 23 May 2012

Epistemologically Unsound Conclusions Concerning Japan and the Japanese, Based on Japanese Television

Number seven in a series of some

“Japanese people suffer from a uniquely severe form
of Stress Incontinence”

To ‘piss yourself laughing’ is a common enough expression. On occasion it’s literally true, a simultaneous loosening of the urethral sphincter and tightening of the abdominal muscles results in unfortunate humour-instigated excretion.

It’s even worse in Japan, as a regrettable genetic trait means laughter causes not just abdominal tightness, but the entire lower half of the body to contract. If the sufferer is sitting, this will propel them bodily out of their chair while simultaneously propelling other fluids out of those self-same bodies. Look at this. And this. Also this.

If something’s worth laughing at, it’s worth standing and pointing at as well. I’d hate to see their dry cleaning bills.


  1. Ignorance is all around us.
    I'm kinda speechless. That's sorta rare.

    1. And this after reading that guy's contribution over at Loco's. I'm truly honoured.

      It's actually kind of liberating, every once in a while: to just throw off any sense of proportionality and extrapolate wildly from extremely limited and biased personal observations of a grossly unrepresentative sample, substituting blind prejudice for thought and ignorance for reason.

      Some people aren't joking when they do it though. That's the worrying part...