Monday 13 August 2012

Meet The New Boss...

I am now, hilariously, ranked second on Google for the terms ‘Homare Sawa boyfriend’ and ‘Homare Sawa husband.’ I’m just being edged out by some dodgy looking, distinctively unauthoritative reference site. Johnny-come-lately upstarts. And that’s just the English version, I’m not even ranked in Japanese (澤穂希彼氏, 澤穂希旦那. Shameless, isn’t it? Sorry, shameful. I meant shameful).

So, what with the fortunes of the Nadeshiko at the Olympics, I’ve been picking up quite a few search engine hits on that score. Some have even been hanging around. Hello there! Either way, it certainly beats my normal complement of chubby chasers and Scarface fans, but still comes nowhere near my all-time favourite query of ‘egg fucking.’

Close enough.

It also being the fallow summer period, I’ve been playing with the look of this site a little. If the few of you who visit the mobile version were wondering why the colour scheme is all screwy now, that’s why. I was playing with the ‘dynamic views’ thing and decided I didn’t fancy it. It’s very pretty and all, but it fucks up the blogroll and menus so we’ll stick with what we’ve got for now. I’ve no idea how to change the mobile site back though. Ho hum.

I’d like to draw your attention to the extra little 'Special Editions' menu at the top left there. I’ve put up a few two- and three-parters now, and a few themes are beginning to emerge. By and large I use the tags on the posts just to amuse myself, so something a bit more literal might make stuff a touch easier for those of you who, quite rightly, have neither the time nor the patience to work out what I’m on about. Mind you, if you can’t figure out that the Preening Self-Regard link at the top goes to my favourites and/or ‘best’ posts, then you’re probably not going to like them as much as I do.

I’m not really that bothered by the look of this site, can you tell? I do like to fiddle, though. Blogger’s done the job up ‘til now, but I’m wondering what else is out there. Wordpress is something I’ve noticed a lot of people using. Anyone know how the two compare? Or if there are any other services I could have a stab at? I’m not a total idiot with this stuff, but I’m certainly not an expert, either. I’ve no plans to change this site any time soon, but I’m kicking another idea around and I’d like to explore my options a bit first.

And finally, for all those of you looking for the skinny on Homare Sawa’s current relationship status, she’s gay and quite happy with her committed life-partner Maude, a former Miss Indonesia. They’ve been together for five years now and own a small pet-grooming shop in Kanagawa, where they are looking to settle down once Homare retires and continue their successful chihuahua breeding programme.

Actually, I’ll have to withdraw that. I have no proof of any of that at all. She's not even retiring any time soon, despite what you may have heard (told you it was dodgy). I neither know nor care whether she’s gay, straight, or bi, or single, married, or celibate. She is, however, a wonderful athlete and ambassador and that’s enough, surely?

It’s not like you’re ever going to have a shot now, are you?

Update 15/8/12 -
Oh yeah, number two again baby. Number two again...


  1. You do have a thing for the lady, don't you? She is classy, and as you say, since we have no chance, her sexuality is moot (and it would only be relevant in any way if we had a chance, and our wives' forgiveness). Did the women get business-class back? What are the chances the men gave up theirs. To be fair, jocks of my own Canada wouldn't have that kind of class.

    Futzing about with the site is always tempting, but just remember, the kind of people that we want at our sites, or the kind we are left with, are there for the words. If your changes facilitate that, you're on the right track.

    1. Well, frankly you could take your pick from any of the female athletes, from pretty much every country. I have developed so many unsuitable crushes over the past couple of weeks. And then I find out that some of them are still teenagers and I fell like a proper dirty old man.

      Yeah, the words are the thing. For once I've got a bit of spare time on my hands, so it's hard to resist the urge to fiddle a bit. And we're back to 'dirty old man' territory again...

  2. I almost went Wordpress once but something turner me off..I don't recall but I was really into doing code myself (XHTML/HTML/Java) and Wordpress at that time didn't seem to be as flexible. I'm brand loyal to a fault and I just stick with stuff till they give me a reason not to.

    1. If it ain't broke, eh? Thanks for the feedback. Coding is something I know I should make more of an effort to get to grips with, but it just gets added to an increasingly long list of 'stuff I should know more about'.

      I always hoped that that list would get shorter as I got older, but the opposite is turning out to be true.