Wednesday 21 November 2012

Transmetropolitan Vol. 9 and 10

Vol. 9: The Cure, Vol. 10: One More Time
Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, 2001-2002
(November 2012)

And we’re done. Fittingly we round out this year’s reading with the final volumes of Spider’s antics.

Yeah, OK, I kind of held off on them a bit so they’d all wrap up nicely like this, but it seemed fitting. And I know the dates don’t match exactly, but there’s a lag so you’re just going to have to trust me. I’ll also be doing a slightly more detailed look at this year’s reading very shortly, for the enjoyment of absolutely no-one.

Anyway, Transmetropolitan. In summary, all the subtlety of an anal prolapse, and twice as much fun. I realize that doesn’t quite work as a sentence but if you don’t think about it too closely it captures the correct spirit. It’d have been a better story without the final page, but I can’t hold that against all the hundreds that came before it. Muscular liberalism at its messiest.

If you’re at all that way inclined, you should also be aware of Mr Ellis’ equally extensive FreakAngels, which has the added bonuses of being online, free, and legally so. Of course, if you’re that way inclined you’re probably already aware of it, but if not, you’re welcome.

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