Wednesday 30 October 2013

The Fifty Year Sword

(October 2013)

Did you ever read
The House of Leaves?
A story strange,
of drunks and thieves.

If you never did,
You should.
That book is fun
And fun is good.

Well, not fun per se
but very scary.
A haunted house.
Things get quite hairy.

And now that guy
has made more words.
This book, you see,
and it’s on swords

(And butterflies,
and death and worse).
And what is more
it’s all in verse.

The tale is told
By speakers five,
Plus one who seems
not quite alive.

A poem then,
of jerky prose.
With coloured quotes
and cheating hoes.

(Hoes is harsh
but fair I feel.
To turn a wife
to a third wheel.)

Of orphans saved
and death averted.
Of bargains struck
and fate perverted.

A pretty book.
Artful stitching,
well located.

Fancy cover.
Unique format.
Slightly thicker
than a doormat.

But the rub, you see,
is yet to come.
Because when all
is said and done,

It’s a little strained.
It tries to hard,
the author hoist
by his petard.

And despite
The smoke and gore,
I’ve seen pictures
joined with verse before.

The garish threads?
A hangman’s noose.
It’s a grown-up version
of Dr Seuss.


  1. I think this is the first time I've read a review in verse. Well done! I can't say that I liked House of Leaves, but it was a book that's stuck with me. I've been meaning to look at some of Danielewski's other works. I'll keep this very memorable review in mind when I do.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and the comment. This post was hideously self-indulgent, obviously, but no worse that the book itself on that score. If you're looking to make a start on his stuff then TFYS is certainly more accessibly than House of Leaves, but then so's Fort Knox.

  2. This is awesome!!! If your posts are all like this, I will definitely enjoy them!!!

    Thanks for stopping by the Spread the Love Linky Party! I hope to see you there every week! :)

    1. Thanks. Tried to comment over at yours, but looks like commentluv ate it up.

      Can't promise that I'll have something to post every week (or that you'll like them as much, sadly), but I'll do my best. Nice community thing you've got going on there. KUTGW.