Wednesday 19 August 2015

China's War with Japan

Rana Mitter, 2013
(July 2015)

Holidays are over. I'm sure you're delighted, because this means that not only do you have a maudlin and self-indulgent State of the Nation/Family/Self post to look forward to in the next couple of weeks, but I'm also going to be indulging my slightly obsessive record-keeping streak with individual updates for my summer reading. Hurrah!

The good news is that for the most I couldn't really be arsed keeping detailed notes, so things will be pretty brief. This is good for me here too—what with the WWII 70th anniversary hoopla going on right now and various historical narratives wrestling for supremacy like Oliver Reed and that other guy in Women in Love, but with less naked manflesh and more self-serving revisionism—as it means I can fall back on the 'quick recap' line and totally fail to engage in any meaningful way with the content of this book, except to say that it's a well written exploration of a subject it's increasingly and depressingly clear that more people should know more about.

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