Tuesday 12 January 2016

Lumberjanes / Saga

Noelle Stevenson et al, 2015
Fiona Staples et al, 2015
(November 2015)

Lumberjanes required me to get my eye in somewhat (expectations, etc), but now that I’m better acquainted with what I’m going to be getting I can honestly say that this is worth the hype. The second volume is even better than the first: heartful, intelligent, and just laugh-out-loud funny. I love this series.

Perhaps it’s simply because it’s being going for a bit longer, but Saga’s quality curve has been less consistently upwards. In volume four Alana was starting to verge on the shrewish, I felt, but things are generally back on track here. Lots of characters to love, even if the dramatic foreshadowing is starting to feel a little overdone. It also cuts very, very close to home for me as a parent of young kids, and that’s a double edged sword and a half. Can’t really complain about them doing their job too well though.

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  1. Ever since reading Nimona I've wanted to get my hands on lumberjanes stuff!! I love Stevenson's art, it's just so energetic and funny.