Friday 27 April 2018

Things We Lost in the Fire / Things We Found During the Autopsy

Mariana Enriquez, 2016 [Megan McDowell, 2017]
(February 2018)

I must confess I read these books simply for the story implied by the juxtaposition of their titles. This was unfair, as both short story collections are, in their own very different ways, very good indeed. The Enriquez is a slice of Argentinian weird noir, with an off-kilter, vaguely supernatural vibe that reads like Shirley Jackson’s edgier younger sister, while I literally cried laughing at the Manickavel. Things We Found During the Autopsy is a breathtaking collection of short, powerful, and often violently funny stories. Driven, urgent stories, though I was often unsure as to whether they were driven by satire or just sheer rage.

The Gentoo penguins will be confused and angry that you have accused them of slavery and invading the Caribbean … thus signalling the beginning of great violence.

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