Wednesday 23 November 2011

Google Image Search is a Joy

But I'm sure you knew that already.

I know my writing can be a bit wordy, so it's nice to break it up with some pictures and pretty shapes and colours. Recently I was doing that and stumbled upon the oeuvre of Jade K Scott. There's been a bit of hand-wringing about people using Kindles and the like for reading smut, instead of the relentlessly improving works they might otherwise be grinding through if people could actually see the covers. I, however, can only applaud Ms Scott and her ilk for identifying a potential market and pursuing it with such verve and consistency. It would be beneath me to suggest that she's just a pseudonym for a bunch of cut n' paste merchants and/or monkeys with typewriters.

I now present a selection of titles from the first two pages of a Google Image search for "jade k scott", for the elucidation of those of you who remain unhappily ignorant of the canon.

What's particularly gratifying is the evident progression of ideas. It's always pleasing to see an author grow through their work.


  1. Jade has really branched out hasn't she ?

    I have to add animated gifs vids and pics just to keep myself interested in my own posts while I'm writing them.

  2. I know. I like to think it's her Kid A. Maybe it alienated a few of her existing fans but it shows genuine progress as an artist/engineer.

    Trouble is, link-rot's already set in and we've already lost what I can only assume was her magnum opus. That'll teach me for trying to pace myself with the posting.