Wednesday 26 February 2014

The Quest

...for the perfect date cake continues. Dunno that the prunes or marmalade were really necessary, but not a bad effort when all's said and done. Might try a bit of jiggery pokery with the spices and 'other' fruit next time around, but one to keep on file I think.


  1. That's the ticket! Thank you!


  2. prunes and marmalade? in Cake? Does your wife actually enjoy fruit in her cake other than strawberries?...

    1. Why would I want to fuck up a perfectly good strawberry by putting it in a cake. As a general rule, ingredients should be improved by their use in a recipe, don't you think?

      That said, Ant's reaction leaves me wondering if that wasn't some sort of double entendre that's gone straight over my head. In which case I'll assure you that my wife is more than happy with the berries that are filling her baked goods, or something...

    2. No hidden meanings in that question; It's just that on our side of the Atlantic, we're not so keen to discover fruits in our cakes... I get the impression there's a similar feeling here in Japan. I could have it all wrong, though ;)