Monday 4 August 2014

Look to Windward

(July 2014)

I’m going to cop out of this one slightly. Firstly, I figure that after going so thoroughly to town on Inversions we could probably all do with a bit of a break from overthinking Banks.
More significantly, however, is that this is all about war-guilt and the less admirable repercussions of interventionism; it’s dedicated to “the Gulf War Veterans” for goodness sake (and was written at such a time when the ‘the’ was still applicable). I’ve basically spent the last week trying to work out how to either avoid tying it into the present clusterfuck in Gaza or, failing that, how to acknowledge the undeniable resonances without coming across as crass, at best. It’s not worked, so I’ll have to leave it and just say that this is one of the more thinky Culture books with fewer of the shaggy dog elements or obvious heroics than most of the others, and does what it sets out to do in an admirably restrained manner in terms of ideology, tone, and (not insignificantly) length. One of the better ones, I think.

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